Building an clone

One month into coding boot camp at Masai, we were given task to build a clone of using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have been taught about these concepts thoroughly but it was only after we worked in project, we got to get the real essence of it.

Top sections of index page including navigation-bar
2nd Section
3rd section
4th Section
5th section
6th section
Last section and footer bar
  1. HTML- Inputs, Labels, divs, IDs and other attributes
  2. CSS- Grid, Flex, float, combinators
  3. Javascript : EventListener, getElementById, getElementsbyTagName, queryselector, get and set attributes.
  4. Git Hub , Git branch and collab.

We as a team were supposed to build about 5–6 pages of envoy website depending upon the complexity of the same.

  1. As a team of 4, we broke down the website into smaller tasks, and thus were working simultaneously by forking different branches for each person.
  2. We used to meet thrice a day to discuss , share and solve each others’s problem and take updates on team’s progress.
  3. We used git hub for collaboration and version control to keep to website up to date at all ends.
  4. I took the task to build the index page , nav bar and footer part. Afzal , Manohar and Paveesa took the task for products page, solutions page and login & signup page respectively.
  1. One of the major challenges faced was actually working in a collaborative fashion where every person was supposed to take the existing code by pulling it, add his/her features by pushing it into his branch, and merge it again with the master branch.We took our time to understand git workflow.We overcame it by being synced with each at all times so as to keep all the team members know about the status of the code, and features implemented in it.
  2. Another challenge was deciding which of the pages to build,no features that can be implemented and possibility to implement within the given time frame.

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