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Co schedule is an app used by marketing teams.Graphic designer, social media strategist.
Co schedule is a family of Agile Marketing products that will help you organize your content,social,work and assets in one place.
CoSchedule is going to help you spend less time on the unproductive parts of your job that you hate.
By co schedule we can reprioritize to handle the new tasks.

Group Members:

Khusboo Khator , Ashish Kumar Roul, Satwik Nayak & Sunil Kumar

(from Samurai 2)

The Design

We divided our to-do list into 3 categories depending upon skill set and strengths of our team members. …

One month into coding boot camp at Masai, we were given task to build a clone of using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have been taught about these concepts thoroughly but it was only after we worked in project, we got to get the real essence of it.

Top sections of index page including navigation-bar

Satwik Nayak

Foresighted myopic person.

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